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He also built many new structures, such as the temple complex in Karnak (a religious center associated with the city of Thebes), and was the first king to build his mortuary temple in a place separate from his tomb. Unfortunately, many of these buildings were destroyed by succeeding kings in need of building materials for their own projects. Amenhotep I had at least two wives, Ahhotep II, who was also his sister, and Ahmose Meryt-Amon. Ahhotep II gave Amenhotep I a son, Amunemhet, but the boy lived only a short time.

Such theories have support because the details of Amenmesses’ reign are vague; his unfinished tomb in the Valley of the Kings was destroyed, and he apparently erected only one monument during his brief time on the throne. Scholars disagree on what Amenmesses’ relationship was to other members of the Nineteenth Dynasty. Specifically, although most scholars agree that Amenmesses had some kind of family tie to King Ramses II, they do not know what this tie was. The most prevalent theory is that Amenmesses was Ramses II’s grandson, possibly through the woman who was most likely Amenmesses’ mother, Queen Takhaet.

Among the most significant were two serpents, Methen and Apophis. In a story explaining the cycles of day and night, Methen guarded one of the sacred boats of the sun god Re, and Apophis tried to swallow Re each night to keep the sun from rising the next morning. In other myths, the scorpion was featured as an assistant to the goddess Isis. Ancient Egypt had entirely mythical animals as well, usually described as having parts of various existing animals. For example, Saget was a beast that had the head of a hawk and the body of a lion, with a lotus flower as a tail.

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