An analysis of Christian origins by Georges Ory PDF

By Georges Ory

Translation of examine des origines chrétiennes

Translated via Paul Davidson

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32 It is the letter sent by Pliny the Younger as governor of Bithynia to the emperor Trajan asking what actions he should take against Christians who were gathering before dawn to sing hymns to Christ as to a god. The phrase “Christo quasi deo” proves that the Christ was considered to be nearly a god; he was the son of a god, a kind of angel. 33 Whatever the case may be, this account can be taken as evidence of only one thing, that in the early second century, Pliny the Younger knew Christians who worshipped a Christ.

The prophet Tiresias addressed Alcmene in these terms: Rejoice, for you have given the world the most valiant of sons… you will be venerated by the people of Argos. Later, the angel Gabriel would say to the Virgin Mary: Your son will be great, and he will be called the Son of the Most High; all generations will proclaim Mary to be blessed. Ulysses, Romulus, Alexander, Solon, Pythagorus, and Plato all had extraordinary births. The example of Plato is quite striking: according to Diogenes Laertius, his father was warned of his birth in a dream, and on the order of Apollo, he delayed his union with Perictiona and did not approach her until she could give birth.

14 states that it is evident that “our Lord came from Judah”, which is not the same as being a son of David. 3), it is because the expression “born of the sperm of David” is an interpolation. The Christian “novel” becomes history. Imagination made up for ignorance, and after being son of God and then son of the Holy Spirit, Jesus became son of Joseph and, in any event, Messiah and Son of David. When these innovations were incorporated into the Gospels, they had to be explained to Greek-speaking Christians who didn’t understand.

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