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Newly up-to-date, this consultant comprises biographical info on nearly 9,000 of an important US elected and appointed leaders. equipped for fast, effortless reference, this can be a advisor for researchers, scholars, or a person who wishes names, dates, and different uncomplicated info on US leaders in a single handy resource.

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Ford, restored the cabinet secretariat established by Eisenhower. Ford’s cabinet became a meaningful advisory group. A cabinet secretary would draw up formal agendas for cabinet meetings, which often were used to gauge the views of the department heads on different issues. Both Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan met less and less with their respective cabinets as their tenure in office progressed. Reagan, however, was more successful in employing the cabinet as an advisory group. His cabinet was divided into seven councils, each addressing a specific substantive area: economic affairs, commerce and trade, food and agriculture, human resources, natural resources, legal policy, and management and administration.

March 31, 1840–March 1, 1841 (Whig); House 1841–Feb. 16, 1844 (1841–43 Whig, 1843–Feb. 16, 1844 Democrat). ) April 14, 1801–Jan. 29, 1860; attorney general Jan. 11, 1840–March 4, 1841. ) Jan. 4, 1858–May 28, 1946; secretary of the Treasury Dec. 16, 1918–Feb. 1, 1920; House Nov. 4, 1902–Dec. 16, 1918 (Democrat); Senate Feb. 2, 1920–May 28, 1946 (Democrat); elected pres. pro tempore July 10, 1941, Jan. 5, 1943. Glickman, Daniel R. ) Nov. 24, 1944– ; secretary of agriculture March 30, 1995–Jan. 19, 2001; House 1977–95 (Democrat).

29, 1836 (no party), 1845–Feb. 23, 1849 (Whig), 1853–Nov. 9, 1856 (Whig). Card, Andrew Hill Jr. ) May 10, 1947– ; secretary of transportation Feb. 24, 1992–Jan. 20, 1993. ) Dec. 25, 1906–Oct. 10, 1998; secretary of defense March 1, 1968–Jan. 20, 1969. ) Sept. 5, 1835–July 31, 1910; secretary of the Treasury March 7, 1893–March 5, 1897; House 1877–May 26, 1890 (Democrat); Speaker Dec. 3, 1883–85, Dec. 7, 1885–87, Dec. 5, 1887–89; Senate May 26, 1890–Feb. 4, 1893 (Democrat). Clifford, Nathan (Maine) Aug.

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