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By Richard Walker

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Readers embark on a phenomenal voyage via human biology and notice the body’s fine details as they’ve by no means obvious them prior to. starting with the fundamental construction blocks, carrying on with to the physique in motion, and concluding with the body’s platforms, it is a compact and entire examine the beauty that's the human desktop.

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The right side focuses on art, music, and creativity. 33 Why can’t I see in the dark? Retina contains light receptors Optic nerve carries nerve signals to the brain Vision is our most important sense. It allows us to see our surroundings. The sense organs responsible for vision are the eyes. Moving constantly, the eyes collect light and focus it onto receptor cells. These send signals to the brain, which creates images that Structure of the eye we can see. In the dark there is little or no light so we are unable to see.

In girls, puberty generally begins between the ages of 10 and 12, while in boys it is between 12 and 14. The full-sized brain has a complete neural network, and immovable sutures lock the skull bones together. Neural network at 6 years Neural network at birth More Facts 3 Q What is the menstrual cycle? A This sequence of events, which repeats itself on average every 28 days, prepares the uterus to receive a fertilized egg. During a menstrual cycle the lining of the uterus thickens and, around day 14, an egg is released from an ovary.

Getty Images: Spike Walker (tr). 6 Corbis: Kurt Kormann (cl); Photo Quest Ltd / Science Photo Library (tl). Getty Images: Sandra Baker (bl). 7 Corbis: Visuals Unlimited (tc). Getty Images: Steve Gschmeissner / Science Photo Library (bl); Dr. Kessel & Dr. Kardon / Tissues & Organs (br). 8-9 Science Photo Library: Steve Gschmeissner. 10 Science Photo Library: Simon Fraser (cr). 10-19 Corbis: Visuals Unlimited (background). 11 Science Photo Library: (br); A. Dowsett, Health Protection Agency (c); Prof.

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