New PDF release: ‘Ali Shari’ati and the Shaping of Political Islam in Iran

By By (author) Kingshuk Chatterjee

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This ebook tells the tale of ways Shari'ati built a language of political Islam, conversing in an idiom intelligible to the Iranian public and subverting the Shah's regime and its declare to legitimacy.

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1 The dynamics of politics in the last two decades of the Qajar dynasty, the negotiation of power in the kingdom between the Qajar rulers and their subjects since the Mashruteh (Constitutional) revolution of 1906, helped evolve new languages of power and politics that, they believe, continue to be relevant in modern Iran, redefining the relationship between the state and the society, the state and the individual, and the society and the individual. The new political language assigned to the people a centrality in political discourse that was unthinkable in the kingdom of Persia until that time.

It was instead a policy goal set and pushed through by the ruling elite, formulated as a response to western challenges. ” The discontent with Pahlavi modernization was largely due to its incomplete character—for some Iranians, “modernization” of the society was a more pressing task, which the regime not only did not facilitate but actually impeded; for others, the Pahlavi bid for modernization was an attack on the traditional way of life that had to be stopped. Clear (if occasional) sources of opposition were groups associated with the Mashruteh movement.

The chapter details the foundation of his political thinking upon an innovative interpretation of the concept of tauheed, suggesting that a political order that does not 20 ‘ALI SHARI’ATI AND POLITICAL ISLAM IN IRAN represent the interest of all of its component parts equitably is ipso facto un-Islamic. The fourth chapter discusses Shari’ati’s critique of political regimes throughout the history of man as an instrument of class rule. It then elaborates the manner in which Shari’ati introduced the Shi’i concept of Imamat as the means of attaining the Islamic ideal of ummah, which was premised upon the notions of equity and justice and argued the essence of an Islamic order to be the notion of popular sovereignty.

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‘Ali Shari’ati and the Shaping of Political Islam in Iran by By (author) Kingshuk Chatterjee

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