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By Julie Kerr Casper

ISBN-10: 0816063524

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Explores probably the most very important makes use of of the land: the construction of agriculture. This booklet is helping readers study that farms and ranches produce even more than foodstuff; yet scientists, farmers, ranchers, and different landowners have not solved conservation difficulties - but.

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Chemical reactions and activity by microbes (microorganisms) in the soil affect the availability of phosphorus for plants to use. Plants use phosphorus for energy and reproduction. Animals consume phosphorus when they eat plants. The phosphorus that 45 46 agriculture is not used to help the animal grow is returned to the soil in the animal’s manure. Once the phosphorus is in the soil again, it is decomposed by soil organisms so that it can be used by plants again, and the cycle repeats itself. The Oxygen Cycle The oxygen cycle follows the same paths as the carbon cycle because oxygen is part of carbon dioxide.

Physically, plowing was a tremendous challenge. The farmer had to keep 400 pounds (181 kilograms) of wood and steel steady at a consistent depth while walking in uneven, soft soil. It was often a balancing act to keep the plow level and the horses that pulled it in a straight line. Once a field was plowed, it needed to be planted. The early farmer sowed (planted) seeds by hand as he walked along the length of the furrows, keeping his pace steady and trying to scatter the same amount of seed everywhere.

Animals also give off carbon dioxide when they breathe. Some plants are eaten by grazing animals, which then return organic carbon to the soil as manure. Easily broken-down forms of carbon in manure and plant cells are released as carbon dioxide. Forms of carbon that are difficult to break down become stabilized in the soil as humus. renewable and Nonrenewable RESOURCES (C) The Carbon Cycle: Plants take up carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. Animals eat the plants. They then give off carbon dioxide to the atmosphere as well as organic carbon to the soil in manure.

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