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By Philip G Schrag

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After seven months, President Bush realized that the system he had set up for dealing with the Haitian crisis was not working, but he was not willing to bring the refugees to the United States for medical treatment and standard asylum interviews. Instead, from his vacation home in Kennebunkport, Maine, he ordered the Coast Guard to surround Haiti and to return all fleeing Haitians to their country. 140 In court, the government argued that because the refugees were being intercepted before reaching American shores, neither the Protocol to the Refugee Convention nor the Refugee Act of 1980 protected them, and therefore, the United States had a free hand.

At the airport, he claimed asylum. 27 Yousef soon became a follower of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, the leader of the Al-Salam mosque, located over a Chinese restaurant in Jersey City. 28 He too had entered and remained in the United States under unusual circumstances. S. consulates in Africa. On all but one occasion, his requests had been granted. In each case, his name should have raised questions because of his previous ties to possible criminal activities. However, the officials who granted the visas were not foreign service officers, but Central Intelligence Agency employees holding second “cover” jobs as consular officers.

22 Clinton’s Turn 39 Just one month later, a powerful car bomb exploded in the underground parking garage of New York City’s World Trade Center. S. 24 Within a short time, an asylum applicant was implicated in this act of terrorism as well. 26 Yousef had arrived at Kennedy Airport from Karachi, Pakistan, on September 1, 1992, a day like many others, when thirty or forty passengers without valid travel documents were apprehended by INS officials at the airport. On the flight with Yousef was Mohammad Ajaj, a Palestinian with a false Swedish passport.

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