Virginia Henley, Brenda Joyce, Fern Michaels, Jo Goodman's A Gift of Joy PDF

By Virginia Henley, Brenda Joyce, Fern Michaels, Jo Goodman

ISBN-10: 0783818726

ISBN-13: 9780783818726

A range of vacation romances from 4 renowned authors encompasses Virginia Henley's novella "Christmas Eve," "The Miracle" via Brenda Joyce, Jo Goodman's "My precise Love," and "A brilliant pink Ribbon" via Fern Michaels. unique.

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Her career was in high gear, her finances were rock solid, and her fiance had all the qualities that would make him a perfect husband: sensitivity, kindness, and understanding. Trevor was an English professor at Western Michigan University and often quoted poetry to her. Eve chose a red wool suit, then pulled on black, high-heeled boots. Even with a power suit she always wore heels. There were no rules that said a career woman couldn't have sexy-looking legs. The minute she picked up her briefcase, the telephone rang.

She gave directions, but they were tentative. Finally, she admitted she was hopelessly lost, but only to herself. " "We should be there. " he asked. "Of course I have, but it was in the fall. Everything looks different covered with snow. Go back across the river and—" He held up a commanding hand. "Don't help. " By using logic and old-fashioned common sense, he wound his way down a couple of unplowed sideroads until he came to the lake. Then he drove slowly along the lakeshore road until Eve finally recognized the private driveway.

Blizzard conditions will prevail. " she asked the air. "Don't panic. " "I'm not the type to panic," she said coolly. He gave her a fathomless look. " "You're difficult to read. " "You're not difficult to read. " He grinned. " His eyes looked pointedly at her hands. "I'm getting my ring for Christmas," she explained, then wondered why in hellfire she found it necessary to explain herself to this insufferable devil. " Why did that sound so wimpy? "An intellectual," she added. "Trevor is the opposite of you.

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