A bias analysis of Weibull models under heaped data by Augustin T., Wolff J. PDF

By Augustin T., Wolff J.

Retrospectively accrued length information are usually mentioned incorrectly. a big kind of such an mistakes is heaping - respondents are inclined to round-off or round-up the knowledge in keeping with a few rule of thumb. for 2 particular situations of the Weibull version we research the behaviour of the 'naive estimators', which easily forget about the dimension errors because of heaping, and derive closed expressions for the asymptotic bias. those effects supply a proper justification of empirical proof and simulation-based findings mentioned within the literature. also, events the place a amazing bias needs to be anticipated will be pointed out, and a precise bias correction may be played.

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A bias analysis of Weibull models under heaped data by Augustin T., Wolff J.

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